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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212
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    San Antonio College
  Mar 21, 2018
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2017-2018

Psychology, Philosophy, Student Development & EDUC 1300

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Dr. Thomas E. Billimek, Chairperson
MLC 617, 210-486-1266

This department consists of Psychology, Philosophy, Student Development & EDUC 1300.

Psychology offers a variety of courses to students having personal or career interests in psychology, to students seeking to earn an Associate’s Degree, and to students desiring course credit transferable to other colleges and universities. Students may earn the Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Psychology by either completing the entire first two years of any psychology curriculum identified in a current transfer agreement or by completing the degree requirements listed below.

Students must satisfy the minimum entrance requirements for San Antonio College, demonstrate college-level reading proficiency on a standardized examination, demonstrate computer literacy, and earn at least 25 percent of the required hours at San Antonio College. In addition, students must meet basic skills competencies in reading, English, and mathematics as required for the various psychology courses offered.

In order to work in the psychology career field, students will normally need at least a master’s degree and preferably the doctoral degree in psychology. All psychology majors should contact the Psychology Department for advising before registering for courses. Additional information about the field of psychology is available at the American Psychological Association (APA) Web site at


Dr. John Visintainer, Program Coordinator
OC 232, 210-486-0252

The Philosophy Department offers a wide range of courses in both the history and systems of philosophy. These courses are designed to provide the student with knowledge of the most important philosophical schools of thought and with the issues that constitute the discipline of philosophy. A major objective of every course in philosophy is to enhance the critical and analytical thinking skills of the student.

All college-level philosophy courses may be taken without any college-level prerequisites. Philosophy majors should consult with department faculty regarding courses best suited to fit their degree plans.

Student Development & EDUC 1300

Emma Mendioloa, Program Coordinator
Career for Academic Enrichment, CAE 101, 210-486-0370

The Student Development Department offers a variety of courses designed to help students successfully transition to college and improve the skills necessary for their academic success.  Students who successfully complete our courses have shown a higher rate of success in their other courses than students who do not.  Programs that develop and strengthen student’s capacity for academic success are widely recognized as best practices.


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