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San Antonio TX, 78212
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    San Antonio College
  Feb 17, 2018
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2011-2012 [Archived Catalog]

Associate of Arts, concentration in International Studies

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San Antonio College offers an Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in International Studies in order to promote globally competent citizens. This program advances greater comprehension and awareness of the changing realities of our world and the increasing interdependence of nations as the 21st century unfolds. It prepares students to face the challenges of living and working in a global community. Transnational forces, be they economic, monetary, environmental, or demographic, will continue to shape students’ lives long after they leave college. Today’s job market especially requires employees who can successfully work in a globally interconnected and interdependent environment. This degree strives to increase students’ knowledge of history, culture, economics, the environment, government, and languages from a global perspective. Through coursework in a variety of disciplines, this initiative strives to promote sensitivity to political, economic, environmental, and social issues within an international context.

A globally competent student:

  • Understands how his/her actions have a global impact.
  • Has the ability to understand diverse cultural frames of reference.
  • Has the ability to participate in the global marketplace.
  • Has an understanding of the economic interdependency among nations.
  • Understands social, political, religious, and cultural constructions throughout the world.
  • Understands global environmental issues.
  • Has knowledge of one or more foreign languages.
  • Has the ability to access and evaluate global information.
  • Accepts responsibility for global citizenship.

For more information on the international studies degree, contact the History and Humanities Department.

Associate of Arts in International Studies Degree Plan

Degree Requirements (Total Credit Hours 63)

Communication: 9 Credit Hours

Mathematics: 3 Credit Hours

Select 1 course from the Mathematics (20) Core 

Natural Sciences: 7 Credit Hours

Select 2 from the Natural Sciences (30)  Core
One must include a lab (4 credit hours).

Kinesiology/Dance: 2 Credit Hours

Select from the Kinesiology (90)  Core

Additional Requirements: 18 Credit Hours


*Students should check with the university to which they plan to transfer to ensure that appropriate courses are selected at SAC that will apply to the baccalaureate degree.


Program CIP: 30.2001

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