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    San Antonio College
  Jul 26, 2017
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San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2013-2014 [Archived Catalog]

Associate of Arts, concentration in Political Science

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The Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in Political Science provides the student with an understanding of the philosophical foundation of governing institutions, the framework of governing institutions at all levels of government, the function of governing systems, the importance of the political process and the impact these governing institutions have on the daily lives of their citizens.  The program also emphasizes interdependency of government with all other social sciences.

SAC Outcomes and Competencies 

Degree Requirements (Total Credit Hours 60)

Communication (10) core (6 credit hours)

Additional Communication (3 credit hours)

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

Select 1 course from the Mathematics (20) Core 

Natural Sciences (6 credit hours)

Select 2 courses from the Natural Sciences (30) Core 

Humanities (3 credit hours)

Select 1 course from the Humanities (40) Core 

Visual and Performing Arts (3 credit hours)

Select 1 course from the Visual and Performing Arts (50) Core 

History (6 credit hours)

Select 2 courses from the History (60) Core 

Government (6 credit hours)

Select 2 courses from the Government (70) Core 

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)

Select 1 course from the Social and Behavioral Sciences (80) Core 


*GOVT 2378 is an academic unique needs course approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).  The course is offered only at SAC; however all of the other Alamo Colleges have agreed to count it as a “substitution” credit toward the 18 required hours in Political Science.

**Students may take any foreign language offered at that college provided that if they take more than one semester of a language, the subsequent courses are in the same language.

***If you are planning to transfer to Texas State, this course may not count towards degree requirements.


A course may be used only once to fulfill degree requirements.

The student is encouraged to carefully examine requirements at the transfer institution.  Requirements vary from institution to institution and can change from one year to the next.


Program CIP:  45.1001

Major Code: POLS

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