Architectural Detailing   [Archived Catalog]
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2012-2013

DFTG 2472 - Architectural Detailing

Cross-Listed With: DFTG 1072 for CE use

Prerequisites: DFTG 1413 and DFTG 1417

Corequisites: ARCE 1403 and DFTG 2400

This course is a study of architectural structural detailing systems including concrete foundations and frames, wood framing and trusses, and structural steel framing systems. Detailing of concrete interior and exterior beams, wood trusses and typical wall sections, typical window and door headers, jambs and sill details, fireplace and chimney details, lot grading types and steel to meet industry standards are covered in the curriculum.

Semester Hours: (4-3-3)

CIP: 15.1301

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