Orthodontics/Pedodontics I   [Archived Catalog]
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2012-2013

DLBT 1302 - Orthodontics/Pedodontics I

Prerequisites: Successful completion of DLBT 1107, DLBT 1301, DLBT 1305, DLBT 1309, DLBT 1313, and DLBT 1317 with a grade of "C" or approval of program coordinator.

Laboratory aspects of orthodontics and pedodontics. Explores the anatomy and materials related to orthodontics as well as methods of fabricating orthodontic appliances. Includes appliance design, soldering techniques, types of tooth movement, categories of malocclusion, and terminology used in this branch of dentistry. Laboratory portion covers wirebending and acrylicing procedures for the fabrication of orthodontic and pedodontic appliances such as fixed and removable space maintainers, habit-breaking appliances, and appliances for minor tooth movement.

Semester Hours: (3-2-4)

CIP: 51.0603

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