Principles of Basic Emergency Management   [Archived Catalog]
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2012-2013

EMAP 1400 - Principles of Basic Emergency Management

Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: ENGL 0301
Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite: READ 0303
Math Basic Skills Prerequisite: MATH 0303
This course includes an overview of the emergency management system and the concepts of emergency management and its integration of systems, basic definitions, and the identification of hazards and their analysis. Topics include the role of the local emergency manager, coordination of systems and agreements among various governments, requests for state assistance during an emergency, hazardous materials planning, emergency management related grants, and availability of surplus property. Students will be introduced to the emergency management planning process, planning standards and techniques, and the steps in the development of basic emergency management plans and functional annexes.

Semester Hours: (4-4-0)

CIP: 43.0201

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