Firefighter Certification VII   [Archived Catalog]
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2014-2015

FIRS 1433 - Firefighter Certification VII

Special Program Tuition: $550.00
Corequisites: FIRS 1319 , FIRS 1407 , FIRS 1413 , FIRS 1423 

This course is an in-depth study and practice of simulated emergency operations and hands-on live fire training exercises. Also included are incident command procedures and combined operations using proper extinguishing methods with an emphasis on safety. This is the seventh and last course in series designed for certification as a basic structural firefighter in Texas. All applicants must be able to do what is expected of a basic firefighter, lifting heavy loads, climbing fire department ladders, performing in confined space. All applicants must be able to complete all required testing in the allotted time for each test. No additional technology is allowed in classroom or testing locations. Department approval.

Recommended Basic Skills prerequisites: INRW 0420 

Semester Hours: (4-3-3)

CIP: 43.0203

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