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    San Antonio College
  May 27, 2022
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2021-2022 
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San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2021-2022

Global Leadership, Occupational Skills Award

The Global Leadership Certificate will engage students in courses and activities dedicated to intercultural learning and global leadership skills.  The focus will encompass  intercultural understanding, decision making, communication and leadership styles in a global context.  Students will be empowered through knowledge and experience to collaborate with individuals and organizations across culturally diverse backgrounds to adapt to global leadership skills.

With this award, you may seek jobs such as:

Lead Assistant, Assistant Coordinator, Program Assistant, Project Assistant.

Related Awards:

Public Administration, A.A.S.  

Leadership in Public Service, Level I Certificate  

Labor Studies, Level I Certificate  

Milestone Course(s)

*** denotes Milestone course(s).
A milestone course is a course that is critical for success in this program.

Additional Program Information

Since the mid 1990’s the Public Administration Program has been assisting the ACCD International Programs to develop Leaders with a Global perceptive. All the SAC Public Administration courses were internationalized in 1995 when the ACCD District asked the various campus programs to internationalize our curriculum. We work closely with ACCD International Programs that have provided the international students because our courses are internationalized. Since most countries outside of the US, their governments own the private businesses. Some examples include as in Mexico, the Mexican government owns all the oil companies, in many Middle Eastern countries the government owns most of the telecommunication companies and in many Asia countries mass communication companies are owned by the government. That is one of the main reasons that all our courses are internationalized because of the Global economic factors throughout the world as so closely connected with governmental decisions and the public sector. The various countries that the SAC Public Administration Program has assisted with this Leadership curriculum include the Dominican Republic, Brazil, France, Mexico, Poland, and Japan. Most of the jobs that these international students will work in will be government jobs such as Human Resource Management Assistants, Legislative Administrative Assistants, Public Service assistants, and Human Service Program Administrators. 

When students come from other countries, since SAC Public Administration (PA) Program already has an internationalized Level I Leadership Certificate through the SAC Public Administration Program a Global Leadership Certificate Occupational Skills Award (OSA) offering a 9 credit hour certificate for these international students would be appropriate for these students to be awarded and students can utilize these skills in their countries. 


CIP Code: 44.0401

Major Code: GLLD