Health Care Concepts IV   [Archived Catalog]
San Antonio College Schedule/Catalog 2020-2021

RNSG 2539 - Health Care Concepts IV

Special Program Tuition: $600
Prerequisites: RNSG 1137 , RNSG 1538 , and RNSG 2363 ; and concurrent enrollment RNSG 2138  and RNSG 2360  

Integrated Reading & Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: INRW 0420  

Math Basic Skills Prerequisite: MATH 0320  
In-depth coverage of advanced health care concepts with nursing application through selected exemplars. Concepts include, cognition, immunity, clotting, fluid and electrolyte balance, gas exchange, metabolism, nutrition, perfusion, tissue integrity, and interpersonal relationships. Continuing development of clinical judgment with integration of all health care concepts. This course lends itself to a concept-based approach.

Semester Hours: (5 -5- 0)

CIP: 51.3801

Offered at:
SAC: Yes
SPC: Yes

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